The World Sings the Truth

Wednesday 26 Apr 2017

The world just keeps on singing the truth!

Old cultures past and their people who were interested have always understood, they know Absolute Truth is there and have always had it covered!  Today is no different, Absolute Truth is there to see, and we can practice to experience it when and if we care to look. Popular Science works to zero in on it. All of the world’s most influential physicists are working to unify and balance.  Popular cultures have always known about it! Baz Luhrmann’s new TV series “The Get Down” swims in it! His rebellious DJ’s conducting our individual voices over the dominant main stream recordings. Stealing back our personal relevance from the influential and prevailing authorities, whether we are innocent and pure at heart or whether we are cruel, murderous and corrupting drug dealers! We all have our place in the world; in fact the world cannot be as it is without us. Any of us! Its life force is driving us, compelling us. The life force is our consciousness. The life force is my consciousness. The same but different! “Viva the Paradoxical!”

My consciousness and our consciousness are one and the same. Consciousness is fungible! It is always unified and it has always been this way, further it will always remain this way. It is there in the background of the world as the matrix to everything that exists in my life and yours. It is shouting and yelling out --- “Look here in this moment and notice me”.  The moving energy defines its stillness, beginning and ending, feeding back countless times in every moment. Moving consciousness is shifting and shaping, constantly in flux; in flow in the stillness. It began in a beginning less beginning and will only end in an eternal ending.  “Viva the Paradoxical!”

This movement of consciousness is there and cannot stop. It has no resistance because it is absolute truth and its beauty is compelling and it is feeding back in this paradoxical way because it is unnoticed even though it is screaming at us. It is incessant and it cannot be any other way.  The world is movement, on a journey but it is always at home, “Viva the Paradoxical!” It is always moving, feeding back to rest with stillness in its absolute truth. The world --- the universe sings it out in every countless moment of our existence. This moving flow of consciousness creates us and our world. It always has and always will! It is infinite and has infinite potential. Whatever we dream, it can create, mentally at first, but with consolidation it will fuse into the physical. This is the nature of our world and the nature of us as its creation. It is aggregated individually and it is aggregated externally. “Viva the Paradoxical!”

The question then comes --- Why am I troubled? Why do I desire what I like to desire and hate what I don’t want? Why am I getting anxious and disturbed at times, and then depressed, low and despondent at other times? So many doubts, everything is right and everything is wrong! “Viva the Paradoxical!” Why am I getting old? Ahh! --- Is that death I can see on the horizon? “I know the world will go on but I am not ready for oblivion”! Fear arises and now I am totally lost until I hear my conscience saying --- “What about the Paradox”. Then I see it clearly! Pure Consciousness --- it is subtle and it’s not moving. It is still; and it is feeding back on itself, displaying an identity for my mind, displaying an identity for your mind. “Viva the Paradoxical!”

The experience of pure mind becomes seared into my being. I cannot see anything without first seeing this mind. I can see my fears coming out of it. I can see my desires and aversions arising from it, then, just as fast disappearing back into it. I see my anxiety’s and my restlessness, my depressions and tiredness. I can see all of these conditions beginning and ending in this pure consciousness. Then I see it! My life beginning and ending in consciousness only to condition new life and it does not stop there; the whole universe is beginning, ending and being reborn in consciousness. Round and round! Different scales but unmistakable resonance. All of the conditions of my life, of your life, written into consciousness as if it were some hard drive recording all set and ready to replay a karmic ally but coherent random, mix of my life and your life. Moment to moment! Life to life! Universe to Universe! How can all this exist together? “Viva the Paradoxical!”

Once seen the stillness of the moment is compelling. I cannot take my eyes of it. It is flashing like a neon light (in a very subtle way). It is like a carnival --- it is so compelling (a very subtle carnival) It is yelling, screaming --- “Look here into the moment to see it!” Beguiling as it screeches and shrieks, “See the Absolute Truth here!” --- “See the Paradoxes unify” Concentrated and Mindful and rapt with the stillness that is now all encompassing, it happens. Without fanfare, very subtlety and very naturally the stillness has just disappeared! The mind has disappeared! No more feedback! This island has unified and the paradox is no more. The hard drive that was ready to continue feeding back an identity, to reboot a new life is gone. The world is normal but is feeding back only this unification. The world out there is no longer out there! The external and the internal are now one, and this mind knows that when death comes, in this state there will be no more rebirths. There is no paradoxical separation left within the unification. Any being capable of self-reflecting can see it. Death will herald the unconditioned state of the Deathless. “Viva the Unification!”  

After a time, dependent on the level of momentum brought to the experience, the unification subsides with the return of the external. The feedback of still consciousness has resumed very naturally.  The paradox has returned, but everything is different. This mind is no longer ignorant. It remembers what it has experienced and now knows the reality of existence. It knows how it arises dependently from the stillness and knows it will finish dependently in the stillness. It is now sensitive right into the heart of absolute truth. It also knows the paradox of the external world and the way it relates to and resonates with the internal self. It knows the apparent world and it knows the transcendent.  It also knows how to see and have the right intention to experience the transcendent. With confidence and joy it now knows how to practice and gradually build momentum toward the deathless state of knowing. A state culminating in Perfect Peace!  “Viva the Unification!” 

Absolute Truth and its perfection can be known to each one of us; however we must individually strive and practice to make it real. Each one of us needs to know and experience this truth for ourselves if it is to be more than just another dogma!  To move past the infernal commentary of our lives, past the groupthink and all the popular influences that are so easy to grab on to. Everyone can experience the beauty and subtle joy in the way the universe sings at them. Every one of us can experience our mind singing, attracting us to purity and truth as we observe the conditions of our life coming and going. This singing mind is calling us all to wake up. It is showing us the delusion of attaching to the conditions it creates. It is also showing us how it penetrates and causes the conditions to finish. The singing mind shows us the process at work. When we as individual are fully mindful of this process we will naturally see how it all finishes. How the mind itself finishes leaving only the beauty of Absolute Truth. Here, each individual can know for themselves the peace of the unconditioned, the Deathless. “Viva the Unification!”    


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