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The Universe Inside Me

Dennis Sheppard, President and long time member of Buddhist Society of WA explores reality, deep meditation and the meaning of life. The guided meditation and Dhamma talk complement each other. The talk begins around 32 minutes. Dennis Sheppard is a meditator, hypnotherapist and a marriage celebrant. He earns his living mainly as a Building Designer.

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Recorded at Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre, Perth, Western Australia, during the 2019 Rains Retreat.


The Present Moment in Past Lives

This video starts off with a 30 minute guided meditation, followed by a one hour Buddha Dhamma talk which begins around 36 minutes and 45 seconds into the video. This meditation and talk are designed to go together. The meditation is to be experienced and then the talk refers back to the meditation.

Dennis Sheppard is a long time lay practitioner and again president of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. He is a  teacher of meditation and has been with the B.S.W.A. from near its beginning.    

Please support the B.S.W.A. in making teachings available for free online via Patreon: Recorded at Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre, Perth, Western Australia. Copyright Buddhist Society of Western Australia


Dennis Sheppard leads an extended guided meditation and speaks on the topic of "Stillness"

Dennis Sheppard, former president of BSWA, shares his experience of stillness. He also shares the teaching of several teachers including, Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho and the Buddha. Please support the BSWA in making teachings available for free online via Patreon: 

Knowing & Consciousness

Dennis Sheppard leads an extended guided meditation and speaks on the topic of 'knowing and consciousness'.

This talk includes a meditation session at the beginning that explores consciousness. The talk refers back to the experiential session however if you want to go directly to the talk it starts 42 minutes into the film.

Understanding and Working with Consciousness 

Dennis Sheppard gave this Friday night talk at the Buddhist Society of WA (BSWA) on 25 Sep 2015. The talk is about using meditation to understand and work with Consciousness. The talk can be seen as a continuation of the presentation Dennis gave at the 9th Global Buddhist Conference in Perth WA at the beginning of August 2015. His talk at the conference was in the session looking at Past Lives, Scepticism and Psychic Phenomena. Dennis is a Past President and Senior member of the BSWA. He is a practicing Hypnotherapist specialising in Past Lives.


Session 7 --- 9th Global Buddhist Conference --- Perth August 2017

Past Lives, Hypnosis and Psychic Phenomena

Dhammaruwan (See synopsis), Dennis Sheppard (See synopsis), Prof Bernard Carr (See synopsis).

Explore issues (and skepticism) about past lives and psychic phenomena. All the speakers have their special experiences, Dhammaruwan through his childhood chanting of suttas, Dennis Sheppard through his regression sessions in his hypnosis practice and Professor Bernard Carr as a physicist with an interest in psychic phenomena. This session will be moderated by Ajahn Brahm.


An introductory talk on Buddhism & Meditation for a group of 60 Year Eleven Students at the Buddhist Society of WA (B.S.W.A.)


"Hypnosis and Past Lives" workshop at the Buddhist Society of WA on Sunday 26th April 2015


A talk at the Buddhist Society of WA on 11/7/2014 by Dennis Sheppard.


(Meditation at begining --- Talk 31 minutes in.)

A talk at the Buddhist Society of WA on 29/7/2011    Meditation and DOUBT

A talk at the Buddhist Society of WA on 30/7/1999     What is the Mind

A talk at the Buddhist Society of WA on 23/9/1994     The Middle Way


02 Aug 2020 : Understanding Fungible Consciousness

(‘How it creates & How it lets go’) --- (‘How it begins & How it Ends’)Consciousness is a condition. We can know this because it can be objectified. We can make an object of it. We can get above it, below it, and see all ...

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02 Aug 2020 : Eternity

Is eternity a desirable state to try and cultivate? What does eternity mean? In this piece I would like to look at the way this question might resolve itself for a meditator on the Buddhist path. Buddhist practice is usually a gradual inclination toward ...

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01 Aug 2020 : Release

ReleaseThe naturalness of ‘Letting-Go’ Buddhist practitioners (like me) often lament the difficulty of letting go. How do we let go? Any serious meditator who practices to ‘experience’ what the Buddha was pointing to will ...

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24 Mar 2018 : A New Poem --- Letting Go of Life

I have just finished writing a blog that hits the spot for me. It is called "The Hero's Journey". (See my blog spot above.) This poem was written concurrently and addresses my fears and grief in letting go of life.(Click Here)

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05 Jun 2017 : New Poem "Perceptions & the Switch"

This new poem has been gestating for some time, and following a recent discussion with our Monday night Meditation group at the Cambodian Buddhist Society, (CBSWA) the time had come for it to be written.I think this poem is an important poem for ...

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09 Oct 2016 : New Poetry with a theme

There is a new poem called Fearing the Moment which is now listed in the cascade above. It is poem highlighting the depth into truth that our minds can see along with the joy of practice, but is also pointing to the subtle fear ...

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06 May 2015 : Hypnosis and Past Life Workshop

"Hypnosis and Past Life Workshop" added under "Public Talks" drop down.

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10 Apr 2014 : You Tube Poetry

I have added a new section to the cascade area to highlight some of my poetry that I have read and performed on You Tube. Doing this has enabled me to speak directly about the poems context. The first two poems are new. I hope you like them.

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04 Dec 2013 : 2 New Poems. Death the theme.

Two poems added.Death and the Brightening MindMeditation on Death

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29 Nov 2013 : 3 NEW POEMS Stillness the theme

Three new poems addedThe Subtlest EnergyThe Right Side of StillnessThe Burden of Stillness

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