Truth and its Pathway --- (working towards the highest qualities).
Nov 5, 2012 11:18AM WST

Radio Nationals "The Science Show" gives me so much pleasure to listen to on Saturday's at lunch time. It keeps everyone abreast of the latest finds and discovery's in Science and does a good job at it. Robin Williams, who ... Read More

"Good and Bad" Energy
Oct 7, 2012 08:31AM WST

 Most of us do not give too much thought to the energy we generate when we go about our daily responsibilities and tasks. Mostly we follow our inclinations and intentions instinctually. Most of us do recognise that we ... Read More

Are Past Lives Real?
Aug 12, 2012 16:23PM WST

  Are Past Lives Real?   This question is vexed and will probably always be a flashpoint for debate between those who believe past lives are true and those who believe they are not true.  A question of ... Read More

Subconscious Simplicity/Complexity
Aug 12, 2012 10:34AM WST

It often surprises me to witness the simplicity and lack of guile that the sub-conscious mind has. I see it in the day to day hypnotherapy work I do when the sub-conscious minds of my clients is opened and accessed. My ... Read More

Aug 8, 2012 14:08PM WST

Kumare is a documentary film made by a native New York man of Indian (sub-continent) descent. The film can be purchased, downloaded or streamed from You Tube. The trailer can be seen here:<<>>The idea of the ... Read More


24 Mar 2018 : The Hero's Journey

(With acknowledgements to Joseph Campbell)There is a paradox that sits right at the gateway to enlightenment. It is a paradox that must be resolved by any and every person if they are ever to understand and experience the unification that enlightenment ...

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23 Jan 2018 : The Paradox and Subtlety of Life & Reality

 The Buddhist path is a very subtle one. Small wonder that this elusive and Absolute Truth that the Buddha realised and experienced was causing him to despair when he thought about how to teach it.  The balance for him came through the ...

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06 Dec 2017 : Awakening to Stillness -- A poem!

This poem comes at the end of the series of blogs I have written since "Hypnosis, Buddhist Meditation and Reality" which was uploaded on 25th August 2017. I feel it succinctly covers both the intellectual and emotional experience of existence ...

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24 Mar 2018 : A New Poem --- Letting Go of Life

I have just finished writing a blog that hits the spot for me. It is called "The Hero's Journey". (See my blog spot above.) This poem was written concurrently and addresses my fears and grief in letting go of life.(Click Here)

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05 Jun 2017 : New Poem "Perceptions & the Switch"

This new poem has been gestating for some time, and following a recent discussion with our Monday night Meditation group at the Cambodian Buddhist Society, (CBSWA) the time had come for it to be written.I think this poem is an important poem for ...

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09 Oct 2016 : New Poetry with a theme

There is a new poem called Fearing the Moment which is now listed in the cascade above. It is poem highlighting the depth into truth that our minds can see along with the joy of practice, but is also pointing to the subtle fear ...

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06 May 2015 : Hypnosis and Past Life Workshop

"Hypnosis and Past Life Workshop" added under "Public Talks" drop down.

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10 Apr 2014 : You Tube Poetry

I have added a new section to the cascade area to highlight some of my poetry that I have read and performed on You Tube. Doing this has enabled me to speak directly about the poems context. The first two poems are new. I hope you like them.

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04 Dec 2013 : 2 New Poems. Death the theme.

Two poems added.Death and the Brightening MindMeditation on Death

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29 Nov 2013 : 3 NEW POEMS Stillness the theme

Three new poems addedThe Subtlest EnergyThe Right Side of StillnessThe Burden of Stillness

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